Solar inverters can indeed provide a lot of advantages when it comes to household or business complexes consuming less electricity from the grid lines. As a result, it should help you save money on electricity bills and it emits cleaner energy as well. Although it gives you these benefits and is essentially highly technological on its own terms, it doesn’t come with flaws that you have to bear in mind. In this article, I will discuss the common issues with solar inverters, and eventually, the possible solution to fix them to get them in working condition once again.


The most common issue that people experience with solar inverters is they overheat significantly under certain circumstances. The thing that you have to take note of is that like any other electronics, solar inverters are composed of several components that induce heat while others are sensitive to high temperatures. Manufacturers are aware of this fact which explains the high resistance of these components under heat. But they may eventually overheat if they are not properly maintained and if good practices in using them are not observed.

To fix the issue, it is important that you check the ventilation and cooling systems if they are fully operational. If it still continues to produce excess heat, you also add components like dust filters that should improve the airflow inside the boards.

Isolation Fault

Isolation fault is the result of various parts of the solar inverter’s internal components short-circuiting. The good news is that most modern solar inverters are equipped with a breaker and alarm as soon as a short circuit occurs. The cause for the malfunction is due to several factors such as exposure to moisture, subpar connection, faulty installation, worn-out cables, etc.

As soon as you realize an isolation issue, you have to check the room’s humidity level and see if there are any worn-out cables in the internal board of the solar inverter. Furthermore, it is highly recommended that you seek the assistance of a professional technician since components that have short-circuited emit sparks that have high amounts of voltages.

Solar Inverter Does Not Restart During a Blackout

There are brands of solar inverters that automatically turn on the system in the event of a power outage or if the power consumption on the grid has peaked. And in case it was not enabled as it was intended to be, then you better check if the setup was installed correctly. The inverter might underperform if there are faulty components, but it will still operate if the parts are stuck together properly. The quality of the inverter’s brand or some of its components is also in question because they might be poorly manufactured which leads to some essential components not working.

If the components are not in their proper place, you have to go to the installer and have them check the setup. On the other hand, if the brand appears to be what is causing the issue, then you have to contact the supplier and see if the solar equipment is protected by a product warranty and have it replaced. However, you don’t really have to manage your budget that tight if you want to fully benefit from solar technology. The solar system price south africa isn’t as expensive as one might have initially thought, but the good news is that they are in accordance with the standard requirements of regions as well.

What Are the Common Issues with Solar Inverters and How to Fix Them1

Final Thoughts

Solar technology can provide tons of advantages as it helps you save energy consumption from the grid lines. In addition, it is beneficial for the environment as it distributes cleaner energy from the sun and uses less gas emissions from power plants. However, it does pose some flaws like overheating, and isolation faults, and the solar inverter does not restart when problems with the grid lines occur. These are generally major issues that you have to take note of and most of them may need the assistance of an electrician. And you have to observe extra precautionary measures as you are dealing with equipment that accumulates and generates high voltage.

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