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Learn about online dice

Online dice, called Sic Bo, is a game of Chinese origin. This game is based on 3 dice, each with 6 sides with numbers from 1 to 6.

Players participating in dice must guess and bet on the total result of the 3 dice after each turn. The game has 2 doors: Over and Under, with Under being the total score from 4 to 10, and Over being the total score from 11 to 17.

Currently, online dice has many different genres, but regardless of the version, the game is still considered easy to play and easy to win. With simple rules and high winning rates for players.

Some types of online dice

Currently, there are countless different types of dice that are very attractive and appealing. But below will highlight some popular types of online dice at 789bet.

Over/under dice type

Classic dice is the most popular genre. Players bet on Over (total score over 10) or Under (total score under 10).

The game usually uses 3 dice.

For example:

If the result is 4, 5, 7 → Total score is 16 → Over wins

If the result is 2, 3, 4 → Total score is 9 → Under wins

Parity dice type

Similar to Sic Bo, players bet on even or odd based on the total score of the dice.

The game uses 3 dice, an even sum will make the player win, an odd sum will make the player lose.

For example:

If the result is 4, 5, 5 → Total is 14 → Even wins

If the result is 3, 5, 1 → Total is 9 → Odd loses

The type of dice that predicts the total

Players place bets by correctly predicting the total score of 3 dice.

Can guess a specific number from 3 to 18.

For example:

The player bets on a total score of 14

Result: 3, 6, 5 → Win

Duo dice type

This game often uses 2 dice, when players bet on possible doubles such as (1,1), (1,2), (2,2),…

If the pair of bets match the result, the player wins.

For example:

Player bets on doubles (5,5)

Result: 5.5 → Win

Triple dice type

Similar to doubles, the game uses 3 dice and players can bet on possible triples to appear.

For example:

Player bets on triples (2, 4, 5)

Result: 2, 4, 5 → Win

Rules for playing dice online

Online dice has the following basic rules:

  • 3 dice, each with 6 sides and scores from 1-6.
  • Unlimited number of players.
  • Each game takes about 1 minute, including select (20 seconds) and waiting for rewards (10 seconds).
  • Over/under bet: Total score 11-17 is over, 4-10 is under. Win if you guess correctly.
  • Same pair: Bet on two identical dice, win big if you guess correctly.
  • Three of a kind: Bet on three dice with the same score, reward 30 times the bet.
  • Dice in pairs: Predict the results of 2/3 of the dice, win 6 times if you guess correctly.
  • Dice by number: Predict the number that appears on a dice, reward 1:1 or 1:2 depending on the number of correct dice.

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Tips for playing dice online and winning easily at 789bet

If you are familiar with the rules of playing online dice, you will see that this game is extremely simple. However, to win big, read the following tips.

Bet on over/under dice

select Over/Under in Sicbo dice has a 1-3-2-4 method similar to select on red and black in Roulette. This method increases your chances of winning by placing bets in the order 1-3-2-4.

  • Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 are select units. If the player bets in units of 10, the sequence will be 10-20-30-40. If you bet in units of 100, the sequence will be 100-200-300-400 and so on.
  • When a player wins consecutively, this sequence will apply. Whether winning or losing, players should begin the select process in this order.

Stable dice playing strategy

In Sicbo dice, there is a brief strategy for familiar players. Priority should be given to applying identical double bets combined with total bets. This will give 4 different winning chances on each spin.

The numbers 9 and 12 are the best choices because the payout ratio is closest to the probability of winning (for example, a payout ratio of 6-1 corresponds to a probability of winning 15/2, a payout ratio of 7.5-1 ). You should bet on the selected total and combine it with 3 identical pairs.

Bet on dice to win big

Applying this select tip gives players a chance to win big by winning more than one bet with the same result.

For total bets, players should choose total 8 or total 13. Combined with even pair bets and pair bets, this will create the opportunity to win 3 times in one spin.

However, when select a total of 8, if the dice show a pair of 4, 5 or 6, you will not win because their total will be greater than 8. However, if a pair of 1, 2 appears or 3, the total bet will be 8 and this total can also include the pair 3 and 2.


We have compiled all the information about online dice for beginners. Hopefully the above article will help you have many great experiences with this game at 789bet.

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